BALLINA RIVER STREET CHILDREN’S CENTRE offers the community of Ballina a Preschool and Occasional Child Care service.

The Parent Management Committee employ early childhood educators who plan programs with the belief that children in their early childhood years learn best when they are actively engaged with others, with the physical world and with materials provided.

The early childhood educators at BRSCC develop relationships with children that are respectful and responsive to each child’s strengths interests, capabilities and backyards, and that each child to develop to their full potential.

Constructive, everyday interactions and shared learning opportunities form the basis of relationships, educators build with each child. These relationships provide solid foundation from which to guide and support children as they develop the self-confidence and skills to manage their own behaviour, make decisions and relate positively and effectively with others.

Educators in both the Preschool and the Occasional Child Care services will provide a learning environment that takes into account all children’s social, cultural and linguistic diversity (including learning styles, abilities ,disabilities, gender, family circumstances). The Intent is to ensure that all children have equitable access to resources and participation and opportunities to demonstrate their learning and to value difference.